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⚗ī¸Perfect Tokenomics

$PRFCT allocation


PerfectSwap will be provisioning liquidity and growth through a two-round raise via a presale and a seed round. Each round will have equal allocation to total 33% of the initial supply. The first round will be completed via a private presale and the second round will be done through a public domain.

  • 16.5% Presale that will be fully unvested at TGE

  • 16.5% Seed that will be partially vested at TGE


PerfectSwap's ERC-721 token is $vePRFCT. There will be a 22% allocation of the initial supply in $vePRFCT which will be locked for 4-years. The purpose of this locked portion of the allocation is to establish a treasury and allocate tokens to be used for strategic partnerships. The purpose of expenditure with vePRFCT is only to enable protocols to have voting power in the protocol.

  • 12% Treasury with a 4 year-lock

  • 10% Strategic Partnerships with a 4-year lock


Liquidity is carefully assessed in PerfectSwap. Seeking to fixate on one of the largest problems with ve(3,3), PerfectSwap has created a more sustainable emissions model with 22% of the total allocation going toward liquidity incentives including emissions.

  • 11% Liquidity Mining that will commence during week 1 and is partially vested

  • 11% Emissions that are partially vested


PerfectSwap has fully self-funded the development and initial stages of this protocol. There is a 15% total ulterior allocation of the initial supply that will be used for team compensation and a reserve fund that can be deployed in instances of any emergency or expenditure if need be.

  • 10% Team that will be linearly vested for 2 years

  • 5% Reserve that will be unvested and used as an emergency fund and for expenditure

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